Visual Artists


Featured Artist : September ~ Glyphix

Seeping up through the realms of dreams and ancient energy ebbs the artwork of Glyphix. Hailing from the deep forests of Canada this explorer of expression quantifies feelings, essences from surrounding, as well as remnants of ancient knowledge from his own mind to script flowing and transdimensional messages that speak to, and connect with the viewer. Taking influence from everything from Native American art to archaic symbols and glyphs, subconscious […]

Featured Artist : September ~ Rachel Mandala

Coming in strong from the Bay Area and West Coast is Rachel Mandala. Having been on the grid for a few solid years this young artisan has been delving into her personal expressive vibration since she was of a young age, and incorporates tastes and flavors collected through life and growing as her basis for creation. Mystical time expanses laden with the flows and whimsics of dreams adorn and embody […]
Crystal Bone Geo Dome - Fractaled Visions Logos

Featured Artist: August ~ Fractaled Visions

Keith Anderson is an ever-evolving artist living in California and has been creating 3D fractal art since 2013, and he calls these digital renders “Fractaled Visions”. Having always loved all things psychedelia, he found a special affinity for the often very geometric artwork found in the visionary art culture prominent in the West Coast art and festival scene. He was soon inspired to begin his own creative explorations into digital and generative art, […]
Ouroboros - Chance Roberts

Featured Artist: July ~ Chance Roberts

Chance Roberts is an ever evolving artist from Texas.  A life-long creator, he’s been inspired by the world around him, and has found passion within the music and arts culture.  Growing up as a musician, he always followed his intuitive leads, which has led him to the Now as an artist traveling and exploring a fine network of blossom.  Having just graduated with a a BFA in Studio Art with a […]

Featured Artist: June ~ Lizard A Baggett

Elizabeth Baggett aka: Lizard A Baggett has created and discovered herself through her mind’s eye. She exposes her imagination through her creation of studio art, live painting, and within every experience felt between each brush stroke. Her artistic discoveries have come to light through profound visions, which have ultimately led to her kaleidoscopic visualizations of colorations. Hailing from Austin, TX, but raised in Alamo, TX, she eventually returned to her […]

Featured Artist: May ~ Chris Bohlin

Inspired by the world around him, Chris Bohlin, The Art of Bohl, stems from intuitive flows and feels – a cinematic storytelling of synchronicities, passions, creativity, and love.  He’s on the path of discovery through an intuitive following of passions through painting, photography, and videography as he’s inspired and creates from within and the world around him.  Chris has been an artist since early on, but recently picked up the brush once […]

Featured Artist: April ~ Tyler Ristow

With colorful displays of organic and geometric figures, Tyler Ristow creates awe inspiring images with great depth and detail. Pulling inspiration from the unexplainable synchronicites of life, his work leaves viewers in a trance of imagination. Since 2006, he has live painted in Texas and around the country, curating energy and emotion through the feedback of his experiences. Allowing his mind to be calmed by the ether, he sets forth […]

Featured Artist: March ~ Tourmaline Todd

Tourmaline Todd Shepherd, a visual creative born in Austin, Texas, gathers his inspirations from his surroundings, including the creative community, the nature of planet Earth, travel, snowboarding, music, and of course the arts. An early innovator, Todd observed and absorbed the world through his senses, breathing in life experience, and using his imagination and paint to express his colorful self-reflection. He found many ways to express himself early on in […]

Featured Artist: February ~ Amanda Sage

Amanda Sage is at a cutting edge of a new breed of visionary artists evolving from an aligning profound depth, she uses art as a medium for personal, spiritual and planetary growth and transformation.  Born in Denver, Colorado in 1978, her adventurous spirit carried her to Bali, then on to Vienna, Austria to study classical painting with Michael Fuchs, resulting in becoming a long time painting assistant to Ernst Fuchs (whom […]

Featured Artist: January ~ Omar Chow

Omar Chow is a multi-dimensional visual artist who was born and raised in the Lone Star State of Texas, and is currently living in Austin, TX.  Immersing himself in the creative art and music scene, he is devoted to the arts in many styles, but focuses his attention on acrylic paint as his prime medium. His imaginative style of avant-garde geometric and organic “future-spacescapes” are unquestionably groundbreaking as they reveal intentions from a penetrating perspective of […]