Visual Artists


Featured Artist: October ~ Kimikat

Kimikat is the alter ego of Southern California based artist, Kimi Takemura. Intellectually high maintenance, Kimikat creates different vector experiments and art pieces by including metaphorical descriptions and lyrics to match her artwork. Her art is similar to how she describes herself as “subtle as an air raid“. Kimikat often refers to herself as a wonderful tornado disguised as a girl. Kimikat is a different kind of creepy, often blurring the […]

Featured Artist: September ~ Andy Reed

Andy Reed (Infinite Geometry) is an artist whose visual alchemy captures a visionary journey through music into inter-dimensional landscapes — with prismatic colors, geometric shapes, and an ancient glyphic light-language amongst organic and terrestrial conceptions. Originally from northern New Jersey (but now living in Asheville, NC), his work represents the energy of another realm, making you feel as though you are peering into another galaxy and understanding that there is a […]

Featured Artist: August ~ Jake Kobrin

Jake Kobrin was born in San Francisco and raised in Mill Valley, California. Met with the striking natural beauty, and cultural vacancy of Mill Valley, Jake immersed himself in an inner world of his own creation. During his youth and throughout his adolescence, his artwork was his sanctuary, and during that period of hermit-like dedication he fostered a passion for visual art that has only grown throughout his life. After […]

Featured Artist: July ~ The Welch Brothers

The Welch Brothers were born in Visalia, CA into an artistic family. Their father was a muralist and sign painter and their mother and oldest sister started a clowning business. As children, sketchbooks, legos, and costumes from their family’s clowning business supplied an endless amount of entertainment. Their father sold comic books and toys at the local flea market and this would serve as an inspiring force for the years […]
Devin Harrison

Featured Artist: June ~ Devin Harrison

We are pleased to feature our artist of the month and the founder of Enkrypted Vision, Devin Harrison. Self-taught, spiritual, and innovative, Devin is not constrained in his methods, ideas, and the 2-dimensional canvas. Using spray paint, stencils, acrylics, oils, and custom digital designs, Devin challenges the notion of monotonous reality through his artistic portals into transformational dimensions and psychedelic dreamscapes. Painting frequently around the bay at local shows and […]
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Featured Artist: May ~ Dela

Dela is a self-taught artist who picked up the brushes in 2003. Nebulas, the female form, Hubble photography, and environmental consciousness play a key role in the message DeLa is trying to convey in his paintings. The artist first appeared on the San Francisco art scene in March of 2012 at Temple Nightclub. Since then Dela has been relentless in his pursuit of becoming a better painter while at the […]

Featured Artist: April ~ Clay Chollar

Looking at Clay’s Art is mystical experience, revealing a glimpse into the true multidimensional nature of reality. His art is instantly recognizable whether it is a live painting, his signature hats, or his unique freehand airbrush bodypainting! Clay has been showing work, painting live, DJing live sets of original music and setting up interactive installations at art & music festivals for nearly a decade. He’s had the honor to have […]
mexican flower girl

Featured Artist: March ~ Niz Graphics

This month we’re featuring a different style of artist than usual. Niz is primarily a sreet artist that uses stencils and mixed media to convey a realistic yet stylized image of the world we live in. Her street based art takes on social and spiritual themes that people from all walks of life can understand and appreciate.   Niz was born in Lima, Peru. She came to the United States […]

Featured Artist: February ~ Jonathan Solter

Jonathan Solter is an artist living and working in San Francisco. He dedicates his time to illustration, stage design, live painting and murals in the Bay Area. He loves the creative community in the Bay Area and is busy co-creating his dreams with other like minded people.     His art has been created and shown internationally as well as across the West coast.     Jonathan has created murals […]

Featured Artist: January ~ UnMess

UnMess is a Colorado based digital artist and graphic designer. He utilizes 3d modeling and other digital design applications to create otherworldly objects and landscapes. Much of his work is based on natural geometric patterns. In 2004 UnMess started learning the Adobe Suite as a tool to create assets for web design experiments, and later found he was more interested in visual communication and creative graphics than he was in […]