Visual Artists


Featured Artist: November ~ Jeremiah Allen Welch

Jeremiah Allen Welch is a multimedia artist living and working in San Francisco. Jeremiah was born June 23, 1985 in Visalia, California to his mother Mary and father Robert. His father Robert was a sign painter who also sold comics and his mother and oldest sister both went to clown college. As a child he was given the freedom to choose his own path and was always encouraged to dream […]

Featured Artist: October ~ Maureen Weidner

Her visions, transcribed onto canvas, expose the sacred geometry at the backbone of our universe step-by-step, and illustrate the unbreakable link between our past, present, and future. Few pieces illustrate this link better than Maureen’s “TRON: ASCENSION,” a beautiful juxtaposition of our roots as humans with the emergent information age in which we currently reside.

Featured Artist ~ Noemind | Launch of the Street Ritual Visual Arts Division

Street Ritual is very excited to announce the launch of our visual arts division this month. We’re kicking it off with a free downloadable desktop from one of our personal favorite digital artists Noemind, which means a mind not occupied by thought or emotion and thus open to everything. The surreal / healing / shamanic / visionary art of Noemind has been featured in the Temple of Visions (Los Angeles, […]

Street Ritual Desktops by Ryan Johnson

Original Artwork by Street Ritual’s Digital Painter: Ryan Johnson. Right click and “Save as” here: Energize Street Ritual Goddess See more from Ryan Johnson at

Artwork by Ryan Johnson

Master of the digital stylus, Ryan Johnson specializes in immortalizing the world around him as it happens. He offers the gift of inspiration as he peers through the great visionary lens, and allows the future to pour through his hands. His art peeks into a forgotten past, blended with a future that might be. Never failing to capture the true essence of the moment in epic figures and dramatic tribal […]