WALA – Smoke Sutra

Devin Harrison
Featured Artist: June ~ Devin Harrison
Hood Prism$ – Light Me Up
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WALA’s ‘Smoke Sutra’ brings you around the world and back. With a relaxing vibe and intelligent beats, these sounds have an eastern flavor that is both enticing and sexy.. This musical journey will leave you satisfied in more ways than one. Infusing all dimensions of percussion and glitch-hop, this diverse collection of tracks appeals to everyone. With incredibly energy and Bay Area roots, Wala’s ‘Smoke Sutra’ is just the beginning for this glitch-hop producer.

Hailing from the bass factory of San Francisco, WALA blends a sexy, worldly quality into the scintillating sounds of Glitch-Hop and Dubstep. She takes dancefloors on a kinetic journey from massive crunk to cultured bhangra–and every planetary highway in-between–while staying true to bass culture’s grimy foundations. This has propelled the tiny purple haired producer to esteemed status and has sent her to festivals and clubs all over the country.

After colliding with Bass Music amidst the dusts of Burning Man in 2005, WALA immersed herself in the edm and festival culture of the West Coast, and in 2010, after a little push from her now close friend and mentor, ill.Gates, she left her career as an anthropologist to follow her musical roots.

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