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A Digital Record Label specializing in Conscious Bass Music: Glitch Hop, Future R&B, Tribal, Dubstep, Psychedelic Bass, Future Bass, IDM, & more. We have come to define a sound that is new, unique, genre defying and thought provoking.

Born in the steamy and psychedelic world of Burning Man, the streets of San Francisco and Oakland, and early Bass Music Festival culture, Street Ritual Music was founded in 2006 and launched in 2008 by Glitch Hop pioneer Knowa Knowone & Andrew “Splatinum” Luck with the intent of spreading that soon to be infamous West Coast sound, while pushing the boundaries of electronic music worldwide. As a pioneering label in what has come to be known as “Glitch Hop”, but encompasses much more, Street Ritual has come to represent a whole generation of festival goers, and artists that want to create music that is not only danceable, but sacred, global and meaningful.

Representing over 70 leading artists and over 100 releases since it’s inception, Street Ritual Records has continued to carve a very distinctive path with stellar sounds and beyond unique talent. Eschewing the typical boundaries of what a record label is and does, Street Ritual has grown into the media label of the future, representing visual artists, fashion and more. We plan to continue to break boundaries and push the limits of not only sound, but how groups of artists can work together to create meaningful experiences in an increasingly complex world.

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We release music everywhere music is sold and heard online. Our Soundcloud feed is constantly updated with new music, and we consistently have releases on Addictech.com, Beatport and other sites. Follow us on Youtube, Soundcloud, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or your social network of choice to keep up with news, new music and events, and please support our artists buy purchasing music on our online retailers.

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You can find Street Ritual music almost anywhere, but these are two of our favorite sites, and great places to find our music and support our artists by purchasing high quality files. Pro DJ’s and Audiophiles get their music here and so should you!